Zygotes and Corporations are Persons. But are Women?

For many legislators, zygotes and corporations are persons. What about women?

ND protest against new laws

North Dakota protest against new anti-choice laws

Robert Reich wrote that though conservatives are rolling back laws protecting women’s rights, they are not eager to offer any help to children already born.

The sequestration cuts many are willing to embrace will slash important social programs such as Head Start. Noting the contradiction between laws against individuals in their private lives, and the pursuit of less regulation for some reckless banks, Reich wrote,

 “We’re still legislating and regulating private morality, while at the same time ignoring the much larger crisis of public morality in America…What people do in their bedrooms shouldn’t be the public’s business. Women should have rights over their own bodies. Same-sex couples should be allowed to marry.


But what powerful people do in their boardrooms is the public’s business. Our democracy needs to be protected from the depredations of big money. Our economy needs to be guarded against the excesses of too-big-to-fail banks.”

The report below and a previous one breaking it down state by state, show how eight U.S. states are now setting back reproductive rights. From Think Progress:

Kansas Is Poised To Become The Latest State To Define Life At Conception

By Tara Culp-Ressler

The Kansas legislature has approved a sweeping anti-abortion bill that would ban Planned Parenthood from teaching sex ed in public schools, require doctors to give women biased information about a disputed link between abortion and breast cancer, level costly taxes on abortion providers, and define life as beginning “at fertilization” in the state constitution. The HB 2253 measure now heads to Gov. Sam Brownback (R), who is expected to sign it into law.

According to women’s health advocates, the “personhood” clause that would redefine life at conception is one of the most problematic pieces of HB 2253. As it’s written, it acknowledges the protections under Roe v. Wade and wouldn’t ban abortions in the state immediately. But that type of language is called a “personhood trigger,” specifically intended to make it easier for the state to totally outlaw abortion services if the Supreme Court ever overturns Roe and leaves abortion rights to the states:

If the bill is signed into law, Kansas will become the eighth state declaring that life begins at fertilization, said Elizabeth Nash, state issues manager of the pro-choice Guttmacher Institute, which researches abortion-related laws nationwide.

While it would not supplant Kansas law banning most abortions after the 22nd week of pregnancy, it does set the state up to more swiftly outlaw all abortions should the U.S. Supreme Court revisit its 1973 ruling making abortion legal, Nash said.

“It’s a statement of intent and it’s a pretty strong statement,” Nash said. “Should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Roe v. Wade or should the court come to some different conclusion, the state legislature would be ready, willing and able to ban abortions.”

HB 2253 is a 70-page package of abortion restrictions that failed to advance last year — but, after anti-choice Republicans won big majorities in the Kansas legislature in the 2012 election, state lawmakers have been able to successfully push it through this year. Similar situations are also unfolding in Arkansas and North Dakota, where recently-elected Republican majorities have significantly advanced the anti-choice agenda with harsh abortion restrictions that directly flout Roe v. Wade.

GOP lawmakers, who have typically attempted to indirectly undermine women’s right to choose without openly challenging the constitutional right to an abortion, have become more open about their goal to strike down Roe during this legislative session. Republicans are gearing up for legal fights they hope will land the abortion issue back in the Supreme Court — and if it does, states like Kansas will be prepared to move swiftly to use their “personhood” clauses to outlaw abortion altogether.