Who Is A Person?

What’s The Matter with Kansas (and North Dakota)?

raperesponse What happens to legislators’ thought process when they won’t even consider exceptions for rape victims in their legislating of women’s bodies?

A report described ND’s new “personhood” legislation:

“Today the North Dakota state legislature passed a measure that would amend the state Constitution to define life as starting as conception, granting full personhood to fertilized eggs. The state House approved the measure in vote of 57-35. The state Senate already approved the measure in February. The measure will go before North Dakota voters in November 2014. It is the first time a Personhood measure has passed in a state legislature, instead of being added to a ballot through signature drives.”

Now Kansas has similar legislation. From Ms Magazine:

KS State Senate Poised to Pass Life at Fertilization Bill

“The Kansas state Senate gave first round approval to an anti-abortion bill that would define life as beginning at the point of fertilization with a voice vote yesterday. The final vote is expected to occur today.

House Bill 2253 attacks abortion access on multiple fronts. HB 2253 requires that abortion providers supply women with a list of organizations that provide abortion alternatives, prevents any abortion facility from receiving state funding or tax credits, and requires doctors to provide patients with medically inaccurate information. The bill also defines life as beginning at the point of fertilization.

Pro-choice legislatures attempted to amend the bill to protect some access to abortion care and birth control, which some fear will be threatened with the new language. However, they all failed.

The state Senate decision will come the same week that a new abortion clinic will open in Wichita, Kansas. It will be the first provider in the city since the murder of Dr. George Tiller in 2009.”