End Misogyny

Unhappy Until Violence EndsAs Amnesty International notes, violence against women is often ignored -and is rarely punished– even as both the United Nations and World Health Organization condemned and called attention to it.

From rape to female circumcision, from “honor killings” to sex trafficking, violence against women is still alive and shamefully well in the 21st century. Just considering the appalling fact that  “at least one in three women and girls is beaten or sexually abused in her lifetime – says volumes. The need for a newly enlightened generation of more thoughtful, respectful humans is essential.


What is Family?

Two Addresses, Three Adults, Buck the Dog and a Toddler

sperm on branch

In the modern world, families come in all shapes and sizes. Even if it seems a tad more complicated all the time.

A NYTimes story, Baby Makes Four, describes the “hiccupping fluidity of the family in the modern world”: a mom, her baby and sperm donor dad’s boyfriend have unexpected connections. In the movie The Kids are alright a lesbian couple with two teenage kids end up with their sperm donor in their lives. The theme of donors is considered more seriously in Donor Unknown, described as “a film about identity, genetic inheritance and the family of the future”. Children find their donor dad or siblings through a Donor Sibling Registry.

The only permanent fact is that our modern lives, ties and genetic background are under constant revision.

Sperm Against Violence

We cannot put a happy face on violence against women.

UnhappyGZ would rather discuss what it is for, as opposed to against. However, GZ is aware of the historical tradition of violence against women around the planet.

GZ is categorically against misogyny -wherever it happens.

From oppression of women and their rights in societies ruled by religious fundamentalists, to the appalling numbers of women raped in many countries -most notably Congoviolence against women is a crime that must end in the 21st century, right now.

GZ stands –or rather swims- in solidarity with all women of the world, and demands that men STOP using sex as a weapon of vicious violence against them.

GZ salutes and supports feminist organizations, advocates for women’s rights and those who denounce crimes of violence against all women of the world.



More on Sperm Competition

Sperm is highly competitive.

Competitors From Science Daily: When it comes to mating and determining whose sperm reaches the elusive egg, females control both the playing field and the rules of the game .

Even the length of sperm makes a difference. “Females choose among males based on the length of their sperm. Long sperm tails are thus the post-copulatory, cellular equivalent of long peacock tail feathers.”

Research also shows that speed of sperm matters too: see Primate sperm competition: speed matters.



Sperm competition

Competitive fellas

Six sperm buddiesThe evolutionary implications of sperm competition were first recognized in 1970, when it was realized that competition between males could continue beyond copulation and insemination, and that what males really compete for is fertilizations rather than mates.

Sperm competition generates conflicting selective pressures on males. On the one hand, selection will favor males that manage to fertilize the ova of already-inseminated females, but on the other, it will also favor males that prevent other males from fertilizing the ova of females they themselves have recently inseminated.

Initially, it was assumed that females had little to gain from copulating with more than one male, and it was also assumed that they were either passive or reluctant participants in sperm competition.

More recently, it has been recognized that not only do females actively seek multiple partners, but that they do so because they may obtain evolutionary benefits from having their ova fertilized by particular males. As a result, females of some species may have evolved the ability to discriminate in their reproductive tract between the sperm of different males (referred to as cryptic female choice).

Sperm competition may therefore result in the rapid coevolution of male and female reproductive traits.

Adaptations to Sperm Competition

All parts of a male’s reproductive anatomy—the testes, sperm storage sites, the penis, accessory glands and the seminal fluids they produce—and the sperm themselves have been shaped by sperm competition (and cryptic female choice).

*Eggs are relatively few, large, and do not move, whereas sperm are many, small, and mobile.