Once upon a Time…

five sperm …an archaeologist was digging in the sand for remnants of a lost civilization.

Then, under the blazing sun, low & behold he came upon the unexpected. Something never seen before.

Larger than life.

A civilization whose existence archaeologists knew about, yet had never been able to find traces of –until now. 9692ant


A civilization frozen in time, waiting to be born. Researchers had found it was one made of pure intentions and noble purpose. It would only live in planetary harmony. 

It would respect all other forms of life.

It would never abuse its environment, but protect it.

It would never destroy other species. It would never engage in acts of aggression or violence at an individual or collective level -or attempt to dominate others through war.

Too bad it had never been given a chance to be born and change the course of history.

The archaeologist, Mr. Z, was humbled by his significant find. He named his lost evolved culture Generation Z. Or for short, GZ.