No more rape

The world was horrified by the brutal rape of a 23-year old student in India. After many days in two different hospitals, she died in Singapore where she was taken for treatment. But rape is too common in many parts of India, according to human rights organizations. There were daily protests in India against rape and impunity, for this and the many cases that fail to get any justice.

A rape every 20 minutes?

The Indian National Crime Records Bureau reported a 10% increase of rapes in 2011, with the highest violence across India’s conservative northern belt. And all too often, cases are not taken seriously or investigated. But why? And if that is the case in the world’s largest democracy, what about other countries with equally patriarchal attitudes or worse? In Bangladesh a 16 year old was punished and beaten when she got pregnant as a result of her rape. The village elders pardoned the rapist. How common is that, and will this tragedy result in change?