Multiple Purpose Sperm

Purposefully SwimmingLet’s face it. For millennia, human sperm have been here to overpopulate the planet, despoil the environment and destroy fragile ecosystems. Finally, along comes GZ, a responsible fellow. The Sperm with clear, joyful purpose.

Multipurpose sperm

* Icebreaker. Don’t know how to approach that special someone? Tell them you come in friendship; and would like to offer just one little sperm.

* A great sex-ed (and math) tool. (i.e. How many times larger is 7.5 inches than an actual sperm?)

* Stressed out at home or the office? Squeeze GZ a few times.

* Your rubber ducky got old? Take a warm bath with sperm, it floats.

* Frustrated with that ccc? (conservative creationist colleague) Toss them a sperm. Maybe a Darwinian dialogue can evolve. Or a needed office sperm fight.

Office SpermStill frustrated with unreasonable, unresponsive fellows?

* Exercise; practice throwing GZ at friend or foe.

* Better: get out of the office; take a friend & GZ along.

* Practice your skills and throw at friend.

** If you are throwing at home, do not let Fido fetch. Fido might be more playful than office friends, but GZ is not a doggie -or kids- toy. (Fido could rip Z apart). GZ is an adult toy.

After all, sperm does not last forever, you know.