Attack of the Uterus

Not all Rape Created Equal

Woman is reassured after learning her Rape was Legitimate  (Onion Headline)

Quick! Somebody tell those villainous rapist sperm that a mean uterus is waiting for them. It will ambush them. Or at least shut them down.

According to Rep. Todd Akin “…a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.” (Whatever the whole thing is).

However, nobody informed the estimated 32,000 victims of rape per year who end up pregnant. In Rep. Todd Akin’s Immaculate Non-Conception Rebecca Nelson writes of a study that found that a woman’s womb doesn’t always have a legitimate-rape-sperm-terminator :

“As if we needed them, statistics back up the obvious: Women’s’ bodies don’t have some magical antidote to rapist sperm, and rape can result in pregnancy. A 1996 medical study study found that more than 32,000 pregnancies result from rape every year in the U.S. Akin, Winder and other extreme anti-choicers should know the facts before espousing their ludicrous ideology.”

So perhaps those 32,000 yearly rape victims got only partially or a tiny little pregnant. Akin is not the only one to believe in Non-Conception-By-Rape. Some seem to believe in the theory of “God’s Little Shield“.

Rep. Todd Akin is co-sponsor of the so-called personhood bill, which would ban common forms of birth control such as the pill, the IUD, and the morning-after pill. Because in his view a fertilized egg, an embryo and fetus are all a person with full rights. So this sperm has a humble proposal: why stop at “fertilized”? Why can’t a sperm be just as personable? Z votes to make all sperm persons (just forget the eggs).