All Sperm Sacred!

Life Begins Not At Conception But At Ejaculation, proposes legislator

everyspermissacredYES! GZ does like that All Sperm is Sacred. However, GZ is not so enthused about a proposed legislation amendment that would only allow sperm into a woman’s vagina: what happens then to GZ’s friends in the GBT community? It would definitely discriminate against them.

Oklahoma state Senator Constance Johnson proposed a bill amendment  that would make it illegal for a man to ejaculate anywhere except into a woman’s sexual organs, focusing on the current so-called personhood” laws proposed across conservative states.

Even after reading the legislator’s explanation about her bill amendment in the Guardian, GZ is still not convinced; but loves some readers’ comments, such as Herr Emott’s, offered on Feb. 9, 2012. He simply sez: “So every sperm is sacred after all.”

Monty Python sang it best: Every Sperm is Sacred, If a sperm is wasted God gets quite irate. praying