Multiple Purpose Sperm

Purposefully SwimmingLet’s face it. For millennia, human sperm have been here to overpopulate the planet, despoil the environment and destroy fragile ecosystems. Finally, along comes GZ. The Sperm with a purpose.

Multipurpose sperm

* Icebreaker. Don’t know how to approach that special someone? Tell them you come in friendship; and would like to offer just one little sperm.

* A great sex-ed (and math) tool. (i.e. How many times larger is 7.5 inches than an actual sperm?)

* Stressed out at home or the office? Squeeze GZ a few times.

* Your rubber ducky got old? Take a warm bath with sperm, it floats.

* Frustrated with that ccc? (conservative creationist colleague) Toss them a sperm. Maybe a Darwinian dialogue can evolve. Or a needed office sperm fight.

Office SpermStill frustrated with unreasonable, unresponsive fellows?

* Exercise; practice throwing GZ at friend or foe.

* Better: get out of the office; take a friend & GZ along.

* Practice your skills and throw at friend.

** If you are throwing at home, do not let Fido fetch. Fido might be more playful than office friends, but GZ is not a doggie -or kids- toy. (Fido could rip Z apart). GZ is an adult toy.

After all, sperm does not last forever, you know.